Our Mission

We exist to help people live healthier and better lives

Why Mito?
Our name originates from ‘Mitochondria’, the powerhouses that generate chemical energy in our cells. Our mission is to help our members lead healthier, better lives.
Who we are
We bring together expertise in medicine and technology. We're combining our passion for health with technological advances to revolutionise the future of personalised preventative care.
Our approach
We focus on in-depth health diagnostics and evidence-based strategies across the 5 key pillars of nutrition, sleep, exercise, supplements and mental well-being.
While a healthy diet is essential for optimal health, some supplements can be used to complement dietary intake and support specific health goals. Evidence-based supplements include vitamins, certain plant-based polyphenols, pre- and pro-biotics and much more.
Regular physical activity is a key pillar of health that provides extensive physical and mental benefits. Strategies for optimal exercise include incorporating different types of physical activity and finding activities that are enjoyable and sustainable.
Proper nutrition is essential for maintaining a healthy body and reducing the risk of chronic diseases. Strategies for optimal nutrition include consuming sufficient protein and maintaining a balanced and varied diet that is rich in whole foods and nutrients.
Sleep is an important pillar of health that is crucial for physical and cognitive functioning. Strategies for improving sleep quality may include creating a optimal sleep environment and establishing a regular sleep schedule.
Mental Well-Being
Prioritising mental health and well-being is important for overall health and wellness. Strategies for promoting mental wellness may include practicing self-care and stress-reduction techniques, fostering social connections, and engaging in activities that promote relaxation and enjoyment.
Personalised, preventative strategies are key to extending healthspan
Dr. Ryan Ware

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The information provided by Mito Health is for improving health and wellness only, and not to be taken as medical advice or medical recommendations.