3 Key Highlights From Our First Community Meetup

Summarising key nuggets of wisdom from the various speaker keynotes and panels below for you to digest.

You can never start too early.

In the field of preventative medicine, every step counts for you to Implement tactics and measure progress at every step of the way.

Here are the top insights from our first ever sold out community event held in conjunction with SGINNOVATE.

1) Stay ahead of the game with latest in diagnostics - Dr Ryan Ware

Here were some diagnostics and measurements highlighted during the keynote.

  • Disease focused - Apolipoprotein B, Lipoprotein (a), Insulin, DEXA, Advanced Cancer screening
  • Healthspan focused - Fitness testing (Strength), Cardiorespiratory (VO2Max)

We offer these as part of our regular panels. Get these diagnostics via Mito Health today.

2) Use online databases when verifying supplements - Prof Jan Gruber

There are many online tools are available to help you verify the evidence and research behind various animal models of aging supplements and medication.

The ones referenced during Prof Jan's talk include  the following publications and databases:

3) Consider Personalised Genetics in your Healthspan interventions - Levana Sani

There has been over 1.7M publications on genetic sequencing as of 2023 and growing at an exponential rate.

This reinforces the importance of personalised medication, nutrition, amid other healthspan interventions.

We offer both Nutrigenetics or Pharmacogenetics kits at Mito Health as addon tests to consider. Get them via Mito Health today.

Thank you for a successful first event together!

From the Mito Health team, we look forward to seeing you at following community meetups.

Stay tuned as we’ll be looking to organise more before end 2023.

Exclusive deals from our Speakers & Partners for this event

  • Nalagenetics - Personalised DNA testing via Mito Health at $499 per kit
  • Humanity.Health - 6 months free premium
  • COVE Drinks - Natural, never artificial, gut-healthy drinks
  • Grain - An online restaurant that delivers healthy and tasty Meals On Demand, Meal Plans, as well as Catering.
  • SG Innovate - Singapore’s largest deep tech community

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Mito Team
September 5, 2023
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