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Mito's flagship health screening analyzes 67 biomarkers to assess your risk for cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and more. Comprehensive and life-changing.
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Can I claim this expense from my company?

Absolutely, this expense would fall under the wellness benefits for most companies. We are also a registered clinic & telemedicine provider in Singapore for health screenings. Your health plays a crucial role in your business's success, and similar to executive coaching or other professional services, investing in this service is essential.

Can I purchase Mito for my family or friends?

Yes, Mito will be a thoughtful gift for your family or friends. To purchase, simply head to our Gift Mito page.

How is Mito different from my existing health screening provider?

Mito covers a comprehensive range of lab tests typically found in standard health screening packages and goes even further with access to 67+ biomarkers, including heart, metabolic, liver, and cancer indicators. Additionally, Mito delivers personalized, longevity-focused insights and recommendations based on these test results.

What biomarkers are covered in the blood test and diagnostics?

Our comprehensive blood test covers 67 key biomarkers related to your health and longevity, including cardiovascular health, liver function, kidney function, blood glucose levels, and various essential vitamins and minerals. You can read more about them on here.

What additional diagnostic tests do you offer?

In addition to the in-depth blood test, you can access a variety of advanced diagnostic tests at competitive prices. These include allergy screenings, DEXA scans, bone mineral density analyses, gut microbiome assessments, genetic testing, and cancer screenings.

When and in what format will I get my test results?

Typically, you will receive your results within a week of testing. They will be available on your personal health dashboard in an easy-to-understand format.

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The information provided by Mito Health is for improving health and wellness only, and not to be taken as medical advice or medical recommendations.

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